D2 Making Scones

As part of learning about change through heating, cooling and mixing. D2 made scones. Can you identify when these changes occurred as we made scones?

What happens when you mix oil with water?

This video shows what happened when we tried to mix oil with water.

D2 turns liquid to solid by Mixing

D2's first swimming lesson

D2 has been going swimming at Papatoetoe Centennial Pools every Monday this term.
This is a video of our first swimming lesson.

D2's Egg Experiment

As part of learning about change D2 has been investigating changes to matter. Here is a video about what happens to an egg when left in vinegar for a long period of time.


While learning about Matariki and its traditions and history. We made paper stars by folding and gluing stripes of paper. The white stars represent the cluster of Pleiades (Matariki) and the yellow stars represent the seven sisters.
Can you name the seven Matariki sisters?

Games Skills Group

6 Students from D2 have been learning new games with Mr. Glen on Monday. On Tuesdays, these students help Mr. Glen teach these games to our class. We had lots of fun learning new skills and enjoyed playing games. Thank You to the Games Skills Group and Mr. Glen.