While learning about Matariki and its traditions and history. We made paper stars by folding and gluing stripes of paper. The white stars represent the cluster of Pleiades (Matariki) and the yellow stars represent the seven sisters.
Can you name the seven Matariki sisters?

Games Skills Group

6 Students from D2 have been learning new games with Mr. Glen on Monday. On Tuesdays, these students help Mr. Glen teach these games to our class. We had lots of fun learning new skills and enjoyed playing games. Thank You to the Games Skills Group and Mr. Glen.

Make a difference By Jugal and Jaisika

Make a Difference By Hollya

Make a difference by Dashwan

Make a difference By Ryan

My endangered animal is an Orangutans  

Orangutan Family, Singapore Zoo | chem7 | FlickrOrangutans live in the Malaysian rainforest
There are only 7,500 left in the world
    Tigers free images, public domain images
  • Orangutans predators are leopards tigers and humans
They eat fruit- 60%, leaves-25%, bark and flowers 10% and insects 5%
Chainsaw - Free images on Pixabay  

You can make a difference
  • People are cutting down trees so Orangutans have lots of habitat loss. If you see someone cutting a tree in the forest say: Stop  dont cut down trees.
  • People are illegally hunting and 20,000 orangutans are killed every ten years