Our Zoo Trip!

On Thursday the 18th of May, we went to Auckland Zoo to learn more about animals and how we can make a difference to their well-being.

Five Animal Freedoms

This Term we are learning about Making A Difference.
All animals have needs in order to live healthy happy lives, just like us.  Everyone has a responsibility to care for the health and wellbeing of animals.
What actions can we take to make a difference to the wellbeing of animals.
This week D2 has been learning about the five freedoms.


Icing Biscuits

D2 helped design the icing biscuits stall at the school gala. We did lots of planning and designing. Most of our Maths this term was about finding how much butter, icing sugar, sprinkles and biscuits we needed and what it would cost. We had a few practise runs to see how we might ice biscuits at the gala. Here is a video of our experiments.

Famous New Zealand Painting Stolen

At 4am on Saturday we discovered that there were two paintings stolen from the art gallery in Auckland. The person who made these amazing paintings was Lindauer. The robbers will sell them for $ 350,000 dollars to get rich.

Two Famous Paintings Stolen

Last Saturday at 4am in the morning, robbers stole two famous paintings that were painted by Lindauer from an art gallery in Auckland. The police say that the robbers will sell the paintings to get rich.

Wooden Car

Six years ago Michel Robillard built a wooden car in his workshop in France. He hopes to show his car off in an art gallery.

FireFighter Saves Nalu The Dog

Last week a Fire Fighter saved Nalu the dog. Nalu was put in an oxygen chamber to help him breathe. In the next 24 hours he was fine.

Fountain Breaks Down


Last Week in Wellington Oriental Bay, the fountain has broken down. The Wellington City Council said the motor and pump has broken and must be repaired.

Undies For Charity

Last month an Australia man ran 300km in his undies for a charity in Australia. He has raised $17,000 for 3 different charities.

Fountain Breaks

An iconic fountain broke down a few weeks ago at Wellington's Oriental Bay. It was named after Hugh Carter and it happened because the pump broke down.